Helpful Hints

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Unit Not Blowing Air

There several reason that can cause this. One is dirt filter which restricts air flow cause it to freeze up. If you have clogged filter change and give time to thaw out and turn back on. If this works or doesn't call for a tech to look at. If you been running with clogged filter pretty good chance your coil is dirt which will slow cooling and will be less efficient. Remember always turn unit off to thaw before tech comes, he can not work on frozen

Outdoor Fan Not Running

If notice outdoor fan not running but compressor is turn off. This will make your compressor over heat and fail possibly. If caught right away could be no more than capacitor. Do not try to change. Call for tech. Capacitor can still be loaded with energy even with power off.

Mobile Homes

If you live in M/h and have tech fix your air on hot summer day. It will take long time to cool down. We get called back for this and nothing is wrong. Your air will come out of vent 15+ degrees cooler than your 95 inside your air will come out of vents 80+ You can turn down thermostat will not make any difference your air still going to come out at 80+ As it works it's way down it has to cool everything in M/h as it does. furniture etc. acts as heater till it looses it's heat also. So check your vent if air is cooler coming out of vent than air inside your probably alright just going to take time.