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About Gator Heating & Air

Gator Heating and Air Conditioning is about being a family owned and operated business. The family tree has tracked back to 1929, when family members were in the building trade. We take pride in helping customers with honest work and fair pricing.

Doug & Sherie Battey — Owners

Kyle Scherling — Stepson and Manager, long term will take over. Dedicated to family and customers with a wife & two great children.

Gator Heating and Air Conditioning is also about employing service techs to serve you. It’s about Gator Heating & Air being very much a family oriented business.


About Gator Heating & Air - Mission

Gator Heating and Air Family – mission is to be the premier air conditioner provider in our market, by providing customer satisfaction through our quality installations and prompt professional service and also by providing a great place to work. The main thing to know about Gator Heating & Air is that it’s a family oriented business.

Doug Battey - Founder

Gator Heating Air – Owner Doug granddaughter

About Gator Heating & Air - Family Gallery